Casa K’in: Honoring the Sacred Maya Knowledge.


Accessing the Akashic Records in the Land of the Maya

 Activating Memories of Who You Really Are June 15 – 24 2014 Chiapas  and Guatemala Presenter: Miguel Angel Vergara There is much more to our lives, our histories and our individual influence upon … Get the details

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Change You Program

Aug 15 – 23  2014 Nova Scotia, Canada The Change You Program is for people who want to see who they are and transcend who they are. It is an intense journey of teaching, meditation, ceremony and … Get the details

Video: The Maya Prophecies

Casa K'in's own Miguel Angel Vergara discusses the meaning of the Maya Prophecies.


Path of the Maya Priestess

Many women today are choosing to walk the path of the Priestess even if they are not calling it that. Priestesses are women who are in service to Mother Earth. They do the ceremonies to honor her, they do the nurturing that is needed for survival, they take care of the Planet that sustains us. Women all over the world are now awakening to a call   >READ FULL ARTICLE