Maya Teachers From Pleiades

Out of the Maya Sacred Book, the Popol Vuh, comes a story of Four Great Teachers who descended from the Pleiades at a time the Earth was in chaos and in need of guidance.  When they were here with the Maya, they moved out in the Four Directions. Their wives joined them and together they headed out to teach the Sacred Knowledge. 

Their teachings, their knowledges, is still accessible to us today and can help us with what is important to us right now: 

  • Find our path, what direction we need to be headed in.
  • Gather our courage and travel into the unknown.
  • Fulfill our purpose by sharing our knowledge.
  • Solve common problems by building community.

We invite you to
from the Four Balams:
Balam Quitze, Balam Akab, Mahakutah, and Iki Balam

We pray to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth to allow Humankind to enter into the Sacred Maya Energy of the Light, known by the Maya as “SAK-KIN”.  To let that Light touch their Hearts so they can share these blessings with their family, with humanity, with all living beings, and together share the Essence of the Life.

Teaching of each Balam are accessible through a Maya Teacher:
Balam Quitze: Itzamna, the one who came from Atlantis.
Balam Akab: Our Divine Mother Ix’chel.
Mahakutah: KuKuulKaan, teaching unconditional LOVE.
Iki Balam; Grandmother Ix’Mukane, heart of the Earth.

ITZAMNA, one of the great Maya Wisdom teachers, said:

Video 1

The teachings of BALAM-QUITZE, the Great Maya Prophet, who represents the East, the Light and Wisdom. He is the caretaker of Sacred-Knowledge and Clarity. He is associated with the Sunrise and the red color of the Heart of the Cosmic Sun. 

The Maya teacher from Atlantis, ITZAMNA, connects us to Balam Quitze’s teachings with his message: “Search for the Divine-Essence in Everything around you”


Video 2

The teachings of BALAM-AKAB, the Great Prophet and Maya Teacher who represents the West. His energy is the Earth’s Manifestation, the Internal and the Night which is associated with the color Black and its profound Transformation.

Divine Mother IX’CHEEL, Mother Nature says:  “LOVE THE EARTH” with all your Heart. Share this Light and Love with others, with your Brothers and Sisters in Humankind.

Video 3

The teachings of MAHAKUTAH, the Great Juaguar-Prophet that represents the North, the White-Color and the Energy from the Cosmos and the Stars. He is related to the Breath of Life and Generator of Ideas and at the same time connected with Purity, Clarity, and the Pristine essence of the Element Earth, our Mother. 

KUKUULKAAN…Great Master of the Unconditional-Love and Teacher of the Stars, says:

“Live in Unconditional-Love”… Help humanity and all living-beings…Open your Heart…”

Video 4

The teachings of IKI-BALAM…He is the Caretaker of the South with the Element Water, Fertility, Life and Abundance… He has a strong Holy Presence in Mother Nature. The Earth’s Water is the vitality and strength of Life and Its Elements…He is associated with the Color Yellow that represents the Big-Door opening its Abundance to Humankind and all Living Beings.

GRANDMOTHER IX’MUKANE: She says to all of us…”TRANSMUTE YOUR ENERGIES IN A SACRED-ONENESS”. Transmute yourself as an Alchemist in your Spirit, Thoughts, Emotions and Physical Being…Become Pearls of Energy in the Diamonds of your Spirit… I am here to help you… Trust Me…


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