We have 7 vibrational bodies that affect every cell in our body; the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Will, Consciousness and Spiritual levels of energy. They are seven sources of energy hidden within us that, when not in balance, can cause serious repercussions in our life.

The Maya understood our Spirit came from the Heart of the Sun as a drop of light and when we were conceived in the womb of our Mother it guided the process through the nine months until we developed a physical body containing six more levels of energy; Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Will, Consciousness and Spiritual. These are not the Chakras. They are vibrational bodies that affect every cell in our body. As we raise our consciousness we see the need to heal all 7 Bodies of Energy for true harmony. Often when we resolve our issues on one level we find we are still stuck because they continue to exist on another 

level, holding us back from being all we can be. In this 7-part online series Miguel Angel Vergara takes you through each Body of Energy sharing a healing meditation you can continue to use whenever it is needed to fine tune the vibrations of each of the 7 Bodies of Energy.

Price: 7 one-hour private sessions.
Regular price $1,050.00 / MWC Members $840 (20% off)

  • Included is a video of each session to review.
  • Flexible schedule. One or two sessions a week recommended.


I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many extremely talented healers and to have experienced a variety of healing modalities. Of all the healing and energy work I’ve done, the Maya 7 Bodies of Energy is by far the most profound.

Healing all of our seven energy bodies provides a path for us to experience compete healing and total integration unlike anything else I have ever experienced. Miguel Angel Vergara is a Master at leading us through this process of discovery, healing, and transformation. Through his expert guidance, I was able to finally, and permanently, resolve old issues and past wounds that had remained hidden and embedded in energy bodies of mine that I had not been aware of and had not previously known how to work with.

Through the Maya 7 Bodies of Energy work, Miguel Angel brings us the extraordinary gift of an amazing spiritual legacy that enables us to experience deep and lasting healing, harmony and balance.

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