The Maya story of the Halach Uinik takes us back to a past that has been lost deep in time and space; to a mystery that we are only allowed to see through the eyes of our consciousness and our heart. The HALACH UINIK teachings are a gift from the ancient Maya and a model for true success in the world in which we find ourselves living today.

The HALACH UINIK is a man or woman who is in balance, connected to the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth; a person who is fulfilling their potential, their purpose, in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

The teachings to become a Halach Uinik are woven throughout Miguel Angel Vergara’s journeys, online programs, courses, Maya birth chart readings, meditations, books, and all he does. There are three parts to the Halach Uinik process and you will see them repeated over and over again in all the teachings:

Is changing one energy into another, changing one thought into another and changing an outdated belief into one that serves you now. For example: changing anger to peace, changing a thought of sadness to a thought of happiness or changing a belief of scarcity into one of abundance. It is the Grand Alchemy, known by the Maya with the name: “PIZ’OM – KAAK’AL” which means, “THE INNER FIRE THAT TRANSFORMS YOUR BEING”. This deep inner work does not come easily. In the ceremonies, meditations, and site visits you will learn to connect with the Maya Masters of Light to assist you in achieving this profound level of transmutation, clearing the way for positive change in your life.

Is the psychological/spiritual work in which you decide to transform the ego and its ramifications. In transforming the ego you free yourself of old habits and harmful situations. This work is one of deep personal prayer and meditation which is achieved with the help of our blessed Mother IX’CHEEL-KUNDALINI and also with the divine help of our beloved Grandmother IX’MUKANE (Heart of the Earth). IX’MUKANE will work with you to purify and solidify your core values and beliefs. IX’CHEEL then acts as the mid-wife to help you bring who you truly are into the world to share your gifts with all humankind.

Is applying your wisdom, knowledge, faith, consciousness, and unconditional love to support all humanity and all living beings on this planet. It is achieving success in both your material and spiritual life, fulfilling your purpose, offering yourself to help humankind with all your heart, without any boundaries, always looking for the wellness, harmony, peace, healing, understanding, balance, and love in all things. With the help of the Maya Masters of Light you will learn to align your core beliefs with clear intention and right action to achieve your potential, your purpose, in the spiritual and material worlds.


Miguel Angel has identified three levels of becoming a Halach Uinik: Initiate, Adept and Master. At each stage there is an initiation in a ceremony with your peers.

Level 1

Requirements for the INITIATE stage:
  • Maya Destiny Birth Chart reading
  • Weekly Maya Energy Updates
  • 7 one-hour online Wisdom Teachings
  • Transmutation, Transformation, Realization online meditations
  • Popol Vuh Part One (5 sessions)
  • Healing the 7 Bodies of Energy (7 sessions)
  • Maya Wisdom Journey (Halach Uinik Training)

Level 2

Requirements for the ADEPT stage:
  • Completion of all INITIATE requirements
  • Popol Vuh Part Two (5 sessions)
  • Weekly Maya Energy Updates
  • 7 one-hour online Wisdom Teachings
  • 5 Elements online course (5 sessions)
  • 1 private online consultation with Miguel Angel
  • Maya Wisdom Journey (Halach Uinik Training)

Level 3

Requirements for the MASTER stage:
  • Information to come