November 30 – December 7, 2021


After two years of doors closing all around us, we are now re-opening the door to the Light, Wisdom and Magic of the Maya Sacred Sites. It is time to expand our consciousness and discover a new way of being in the world presented to us.  We are bringing our present-day challenges to the ancient wisdom of the Maya, searching for guidance to lead us to a harmonious future.

We start with the amazing waterfalls at Misol Ha before moving on to Palenque. Palenque is not only exquisitely beautiful but is also a portal to other dimensions. After spending two full days exploring the temples of Palenque you will know what we are talking about. And this is only the beginning. The high point for many is going to be the visits to Yaxchilan. Only accessible by water, you travel in small boats along the Usumacinta River arriving at this Maya site to be greeted by lush green jungle and howler monkeys. Doing ceremony here is a once in a lifetime experience. You will have two visits to Yaxchilan with time to explore on your own and to connect to the astral travelers, the Maya Priestess Prophets. 

With two days in Palenque with Pakal Votan and Lady Zac Kuuk followed by the two days at Yaxchilan, this could be the most powerful journey yet.  

We are planning for a small group who want to go deep into the mysteries. We recognize there are new travel challenges and it may not be possible for everyone.  However, if you are meant to be here we trust Spirit to guide you to find a way.



Miguel Angel Vergara

Miguel Angel’s Maya teacher once told him “If you want to arise your personal frequency you must go to Palenque”. Through ceremonies, meditations and teachings Miguel Angel will guide you to your own experiences of powerful spiritual energy in these amazing sites.


Trudy Woodcock

In meditation, Lady Zac Kuuk, said, “Telling our strories is a way to bring who we truly are into the present moment.” Throughout the journey Trudy will share messages and insights on the sacred femenine and Maya Priestesses channeled from this High Priestess from Palenque.



Arrival Villahermosa. Book your flight to arrive anytime today. We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to our hotel in Villahermosa. No meals or events planned since many people arrive late in the evening. (o/n Villahermosa)


“The Ancient Ones knew Palenque, “NAH CHAN KAAN”, was an open door to another realm or dimension. When you arrive and enter this Sacred Site all your molecules, cells and your whole being receive another level of vibration…and you will feel what it is to be in “another dimension of time and space.”  Miguel Angel Vergara  

“Palenque is also the home of Maya High Priestess Lady Zac Kuuk. As you expand our consciousness, step or sit on the ancient stones, walk on her pathways, enter her temples, listen for messages from her regarding your life today.” Trudy Woodcock


The Ancient Ones knew Palenque, “NAH CHAN KAAN”, was an open door to another realm or dimension. When you arrive and enter this Sacred Site all your molecules, cells and your whole being receive another level of vibration…and you will feel what it is to be in “another dimension of time and space.”  Miguel Angel Vergara  

(o/n Palenque) B


The teachers who taught the Maya to vibrate at a new level came from the Stars. Today we will focus the special Maya Mantras to arise our frequencies between Heaven and Earth and how to reach the frequencies of the stones, trees, sacred temples and pyramids, Mother Earth, Mother Water, and the animals in the jungle opening our Hearts again to the Cosmic Frequencies of Love and Light.  Miguel Angel Vergara  

(o/n Palenque) B & D


“This Sacred Ceremonial Center has an extraordinary high vibration because the elements of Mother Nature are in perfect balance with the Cosmos and Humankind.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Arriving by boat we enter the site to the sound of howler monkeys welcoming us to their jungle home.  As you pass through the labyrinth to the main plaza where we will do ceremony you are symbolically entering a new dimension. Our ceremony will be dedicated to the elements of Mother Earth.  

 (o/n Escudo Jaguar) B & L


On this second visit to Yaxchilan you will visit a different area of the site more connected with astral travel and the Maya Priestess Prophets. 

“Yaxchilan symbolically represents “The Sacred Path of the Jaguar Chilanes” the Priests and Priestesses who reached the activation of their spiritual gifts using the harmony in the three levels of a Human Being: body, soul and spirit. They received the sacred wisdom represented in the stone steles at the site with the symbol of the “Cosmic Serpent” as a Vision Quest that guided them to travel to their home in the stars, a representation of the Cosmos and Cosmic Knowledge.” Miguel Angel Vergara  (o/n Palenque) B & L


“Pomona means “The Door that Connects Your Mind with the Mind of the Creator”. Here they performed many ceremonies using the “POM”, (Copal) incense to open the portals to the Sky allowing them to transit in trance to the dimension of the mind of the Creator who created this planet, the solar system and the cosmos. 

Pomona is a beautiful, peaceful Maya city where the Maya teachers rested their Spirits in the hands of Mother Nature. It is surrounded by jungle and rivers and you have a great opportunity today to take with you a permanent inspiration to elevate your Spirit in front of the Holy Presence of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.” Miguel Angel Vergara (o/n Villahermosa) B, L, D


We will transfer you to the airport.  No meals or events planned since many people leave early. (o/n Villahermosa)

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  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners
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  • Teachings, Ceremonies, Practices and Meditations with Miguel Angel Vergara
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