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Sunday, March 17

Arrival Merida

Airport pick up and transfer to Hotel.

There are no events or meals planned for today since many people arrive late. We will stay overnight in Mérida but leave the next day for our hotel at Uxmal so you don’t want to unpack too much.

Overnight Mérida:

Monday, March 18


Following a brief introductory circle, we meet for breakfast before heading out on out journey. Our first stop is Ake, one of the Maya sites with the strongest Atlantis energy.

Ake has one of the greatest temples with the architecture and vibration from ancient Atlantis. Ake means “Children of the Turtle” in honor of the island of the turtle which was, in the Maya tradition, Atlantis. It is like the Crystal City from Atlantis that shines its light over anyone who opens their heart and mind to receive the gifts from the Father. It is the first step to reconnecting with your Atlantis memories.
~ Miguel Angel Vergara

Here Miguel Angel will lead us in a ceremony with Crystals and Crystal Skulls to open the portals to Atlantis for us as we visit the Maya sacred sites founded on the wisdom from Atlantis brought here by Lord Itzamna.

Following our visit to Ake we will have lunch at the Hacienda Ochil and then transfer to our hotel in Uxmal.

An evening talk with Kaypacha: “What the #$%& is Goin’ On? An Astrological Overview of 2019.” This 2 hour exploration into the current astrological transits will explain the important world changes that are now underway and how we can best serve humanity as teachers and healers.

Overnight Uxmal Resort:

Breakfast and Lunch included

Tuesday, March 19

UXMAL : “Maya Sacred Feminine University”

Following breakfast we head out the short distance to the Maya site of Uxmal

Uxmal, the “Sacred Feminine Cosmic University” is the doorway to the “Golden Library of Atlantis”. Guided by our Mother Ix’Cheel, the Sacred Feminine force of the Planet, you can visit the Cosmic Library in Stone through your spiritual gifts and see again the Atlantean / Maya Teachers who still work in the 4th dimension with sacred Science, Art, Calendars, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sacredness: The macro cosmos in union with the micro cosmos. Mother Atlantis left her imprint on the great facades in this Maya Ceremonial Center.
~ Miguel Angel Vergara

We have a full day at Uxmal. Following the guided tour with Miguel Angel and Kaypacha you will have time to explore this amazing site on your own.

The Maya had a special relationship with chocolate and before returning to the hotel we will visit the Chocolate Museum and learn more about it. We will also get to taste it!

In this evening’s talk Kaypacha will explain the meaning of the transpersonal planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, and Jupiter) through the 12 houses of the birth chart. This will give you an understanding of what personal changes are happening for you, where they are happening, and for how long.

Overnight Uxmal Resort

Breakfast and Lunch included

Wednesday, March 20

LABNAH: “Walls of Wisdom of Mother Earth”

Today we visit the Maya / Atlantis City of Labnah.

This is one of the most beautiful Atlantis – Maya sites in the Yucatan. It is known as “The Walls of Wisdom of Mother Earth” Here we will see the “Flower from Atlantis”, a precious flower with 12 petals plus the center which makes 13, the Maya sacred number of the Creator, Oxlahuntiku,. Here is also the largest face of Lord Chaak, Lord of the Rain, Seas and Lakes, exactly the same principal that existed in Atlantis with Lord Poseidon or Neptune. There are mysterious glyphs at the doors in Labnah that still await the “chosen one” to translate their sacred wisdom for today.
~ Miguel Angel Vergara

We will perform a ceremony here to connect again with Atlantis then there will be some time to explore the temple and the beautiful arch on your own.

Following lunch together we will transfer to the charming Spanish Colonial City of Valladolid.

Overnight in Valladolid:

Breakfast and lunch included.

Thursday, March 21

CHICHEN ITZA: Spring Equinox

This is a very special day and we will need to start early. We will go directly to the site of Chichen Itza and enter at 6:00AM to do a meditation with the sunrise. At 8:00 we will then go for breakfast before re-entering the site for the rest of the day.

When Lord Itzamna came from Atlantis to the Yucatan he decided, in union with his disciples, to build “The Cosmic University of the Maya” now called Chichen Itza. The name Chi-chen-itz-ha means “The Dew of the Sky that descends everyday around the mouth of the Wells. Chichen Itza is a replica of the Atlantean Pyramids that, in that time, fulfilled the role of a Cosmic University. Itzamna rebuilt here the marvelous Palaces of the Ancient-Atlanteans in order that we remember our ancestors the Atlanteans and their Sacred Knowledge which came from that amazing city-island of Atlantis.
~ Miguel Angel Vergara.

Not only is today the Equinox but there is also a full moon tonight so the energy of this special site promises to be extremely powerful. Following a tour of the important temples of Chichen Itza you will have plenty of time to explore this vast site on your own before we meet up at 4:00PM to witness the descent of KuKuulKaan, the Feathered Serpent, marking the Spring Equinox.

Throughout the day Kaypacha will be giving you information on the equinox, full moon, and what else is affecting us this day.

We will return to Valladolid for a dinner together and an early night.
Overnight Valladolid

Breakfast and Dinner included

Friday, March 22


Breakfast together then we pack up and head out to the amazing site of Ek Balam.

The Jaguar-Star Maya Ceremonial Center” Oral Traditions say that Crystal Skulls were left in Atlantis from Galactic Races such as the Andromeda, Orion and Pleiades Constellations. Many of the stories told by the Maya Elders talk about a time when there were also visitors from the Stars in this special site, Ek Balam. What makes this site remarkable is the link with our Brothers and Sisters from outer space, bringing their precious Crystal Skulls to the Atlantean – Maya. The great symbols of the Jaguar-Serpent Star make Ek Balam so special, allowing us to reconnect with our Grandfathers who came from the Stars and, according to the Legend, will return once more to help all of us.
~ Miguel Angel Vergara

There will be time to climb the temple to see the Teachers from the Stars before we go to a beautiful cenote (natural well, sacred to the Maya) for a refreshing swim and then lunch.

We return to Mérida for the night.
Overnight Mérida

Breakfast and Lunch included

Saturday, March 23


For our final day together we are going to Itzamna’s first Maya city: Izamal

The name Izamal came from the Maya language: ITZ-MAL, ITZ meaning Dew and Mal meanting place. Itzamal is the “Place where the Dew from the Sky Descends”. This phrase has a profound spiritual meaning that is interpreted as: “The Place Where the Sacred Knowledge was taught by Lord Itzamna.

Izamal was his first city and had five amazing pyramids oriented to the Five Cardinal Points of the Cosmos: East, West, North, South and Center. Here Itzamna built the Pyramid of the Sun, like in Atlantis. Both pyramids, here in Izamal and the one in Atlantis, were dedicated to the Sacred Wisdom, Light, Harmony, Awareness and the Healing process. Izamal is the Heart of Lord Itzamna, who is waiting to teach you the great mysteries of the Atlantean-Maya teachers.
~ Miguel Angel Vergara

After climbing the Kinich Kak Mo pyramid for our closing ceremony with Miguel Angel and Kaypacha we will gather for a farewell lunch before returning to Merida.

We will have a final sharing circle with Kaypacha and Miguel Angel then you have a free night for last minute shopping, dinner, or preparing for your flight home tomorrow.

Overnight Mérida

Breakfast and Lunch included

Sunday, March 24


Transfer to the Mérida airport for your flight home.

No meals included.

  • All prices are per person in USD.
  • Per person in shared accommodation: USD 2,790.00
  • Single Supplement: USD 450.00
  • Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers on arrival and departure days
  • Hotel accommodation: 3 nights in Merida, 2 nights in Uxmal, 2 nights in Valladolid
  • Meal plan as per itinerary
  • Entry fees to listed Maya sites: Ake, Uxmal, Labnah, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam
  • Transportation in air conditioned vehicle to all sites listed in the itinerary
  • English/Spanish guide services
  • Teachings with Miguel Angel Vergara and Kaypacha: ceremonies, meditations, lectures, yoga, practices
  • Gratuities for chambermaids and waiters
  • Special Features: early entry to Chichen Itza and entry fee for the Chocolate Museum.
  • Beverages and alcoholic drinks
  • Personal items
  • Entry fees for sites not listed on itinerary
  • Gratuities for driver and guide


I learned so much on the trip, and when I read my journal I learned more! Both trips have been such a blessing and have elevated my spirituality and humanity. I believe we are all tea- chers to one another. I see so many energy shifts happening right now, and I’m happy to be a part of it.


Thank you for the Atlantis was so beautiful and powerful! I just watched or experienced it and felt it was like a keyhole opening a lock in an ancient door.

Tim Nelson