The ancient teachings of the Maya shed light on many of the issues facing the Planet, Humankind, and us personally today. Miguel Angel Vergara has made the study of the Maya Sacred Knowledge his life’s work and now offers these one-hour online sessions to make the ancient Maya teaching available to all. His unique meditative storytelling technique allows the essence of the teachings to enter through the heart then to the head for a deep understanding to take place.

We have organized the teachings into four categories to help you find what resonates with you personally:

Developing your Inner Gifts

Learn more about here:

Shamanic Practices


Discovering your Ancient Roots

Learn more about here:

Atlantis Memories 2020


Honoring Mother Nature

Learn more here:

Mother Earth 2020


Building on the Maya Wisdom

Learn more here:

Maya Legacy 2020

  • Each session is one hour containing a lecture and a meditation.
  • They are stand-alone teachings and do not need to be taken in any particular order.
  • If you register and miss a live session a video of it will be sent.
  • Videos of past session are also available.
  • The cost per session is $55 USD. 
  • The full schedule is published on the website and the monthly schedule will be published in our Newsletter.