Healing Our Body, Healing Our Planet


We are witnessing the evolution of our Planet. Now this is happening, not next week, next month. Now. And now is the time to heal ourselves and join our Mother in this great expansion of consciousness as together we evolve to a higher level of being. This is a level that leads to harmony and where we can find true happiness. 

There are many Cosmic Laws that regulate not only what is happening in the universe but at the same time influencing what is happening in our bodies. We are going to talk about these Cosmic Laws and how we can use that energy to heal ourselves while also assisting our Mother Earth in her evolution. As we face more and more challenges from our environment, our government, and our personal relationships it is very important to deeply understand the way Mother Earth is regulating her evolution, her healing, and learn how to apply that knowledge to healing ourselves.  

We are so closely linked with Mother Earth. We have the earth in our bones, the water in our blood, and all the elements from the Planet expressed in our body. We are going to explore these very powerful energies and how to use them now.  

The prophecies say this is a time of awakening, a time to return to natural ways. Join us to find out how to heal, stay centered, and trust in your path to harmony, happiness and Oneness with all living beings.

5 one-hour teachings total $160usd (20% discount for MWC members $128)

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