Maya Legacy. Expanding Your Spiritual Frequency


Palenque is not only exquisitely beautiful but is also a portal to other dimensions. After spending two full days exploring the temples of Palenque you will know what we are talking about. And this is only the beginning. You will also visit Bonampak and witness the high vibration of the history of the Maya displayed in full color on the painted walls in these unique temples. The high point for many is going to be the visit to Yaxchilan. Only accessible by water, you travel in small boats along the Usumacinta River arriving at this Maya site to be greeted by lush green jungle and holler monkeys. Doing ceremony here is a once in a lifetime experience.

Raising our frequency will allow us to thrive in this lifetime, living in harmony and peace with Nature and each other.  It is also the only way to stay connected to Mother Earth who is going through a great transformation at this time.

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