Maya New Year Program 2021


Maya New Year begins on the Sun’s Zenith, when it is at its highest point in the sky. In the Yucatan that is July 16. The last month of the Maya Calendar consists of 5 days. In ancient times this was a time of cleansing the ceremonial centers, the pyramids, the temples, public areas and private houses. Debts were paid, and people asked for forgiveness so they would be in social harmony as they entered this new cycle. These were days of fasting, meditation and putting things in order. 

This year we are offering a program to help you put your Heart in order. To align your Heart with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of Earth. Opening the Heart to receive the sweetness of life. Empowering your Heart to lead you into this new era. Preparing your Heart to share the knowledge and wisdom with others. Following your Heart to create balance and harmony. 

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