Maya Sacred Knowledge of the Summer Solstice. Accessing Portals to Other Dimensions in Yucatan, Mexico


The Yucatan is a magical place during the Summer Solstice. It was always an important time for the Maya, a time for celebrating, singing and dancing, and performing ceremonies connecting with the Light. It was also a time when they travelled to other dimensions searching for solutions to pressing issues that could not be found on Earth.

These portals, found in the caves, cenotes and temples, still exist and on this journey you will have an opportunity to explore many of them, opening the way to deep spiritual experiences.

The Yucatan Peninsula has an extraordinary spiritual legacy with more than 2,000 Ceremonial Centers, plus countless Caves and Cenotes that can take you back to the oldest ages lived by Humanity.  We will share some of the most important knowledge, practices, meditations, and mantras that the Maya used to access these dimensional portals, including important information and wisdom that is protected in the 4th and 5th Dimensions and guarded by the Maya Teachers of the Light. 

There is an interesting story about a portal at Chichen Itza. It is from oral tradition, not written in any books, but it is a part of the teachings from my teacher. One day, standing in front of the cenote at Chichen Itza, I asked him, “What is the purpose of the beautiful little temple at the edge of the Cenote”. He explained that the cenote was a portal to another dimension and this temple is where the Maya did a ritual to raise their vibration. It was part of a process of fasting, meditation, and deep cleansing, to do something quite important. They were preparing to do a ceremony on June 21 for the Summer Solstice when the Sun would be directly overhead the cenote, opening the portal to other dimensions.” ~ Miguel Angel Vergara

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