Ancient texts describe temples as places where a person is “transformed into a god, into a bright star.” If so, then the enigmatic temples of the Yucatán fulfill that promise, and then some.

On this peninsula stand ancient academies originally set up by dedicated groups of wisdom keepers to promulgate the spiritual elevation of those on a quest for personal transformation. Their teachings embody a cult of knowledge stemming from a remote Golden Age.

For this adventure, we will be working with two of the most powerful Maya symbols: the Jaguar, representing the hidden knowledge and esoteric mysteries that can only be accessed through higher consciousness; and the Serpent, representing the sacred knowledge available to a person on a path of initiation that leads to wisdom. We follow and experience these teachings from the Great Palace at Ek Balam to the ceremonial center of Mayapan, the Cosmic Maya University of Chichen Itza, and the sacred feminine energy centre of Uxmal. We’ll also participate in an unforgettable ritual inside the womb of the sacred cave Balankanché, where initiates experienced the Otherworld and returned resurrected.

Each temple was designed to embody an essential spiritual teaching forming a library in stone. The seeker distills the knowledge, experiences the subtle forces of the site, then continues to the next, raising their vibration along the way. In pursuing this knowledge of the gods one achieves the full potential of the soul. To quote Miguel Angel Vergara, “The Maya Masters of Light studied deeply the mysteries of the infinite cosmos. In the eyes of the Jaguar they saw the light of creation. In the flight of the Feathered Serpent they created the calendars representing space, time, and movement. Science in union with the heart, technology in union with intuition.”

The ancient ones of Yucatán await you in their temples and pyramids to carry you through the Path of Wisdom united with heart, helping you awaken your inner god.


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