“Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice”

June 13, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

OUR SOUL: This practice activates your Heart with the Strength of the Jaguar.

The Jaguar, “BALAM” in the Maya language, represents the Mystery of the Cosmos,

 the Void of the Creation in the Sky and the “Heart of the Mountains”.

The Jaguar is the Sacred-Energy of the Inner-Warrior within Your Heart.

The Jaguar leads you to do your Inner-Transformation in the Hands of Grandmother Ix’Mukane, “Heart of the Earth”…The Jaguar is the symbol of the Great Encounter with Your High-Self.

Join us for the 2nd Shamanic Practice in Preparation for the Summer Solstice.

Cost: $30usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)