Virtual Tour of Palenque


Miguel Angel will lead us into the Maya City of Palenque, whose original name was: “NAH-CHAN-KAAN” meaning “The House of the Serpent in the Sky”. Spiritually the Maya Masters of Light called it “The Cosmic University of the Regal Art” because of the extraordinary stelas, located in the different temples and pyramids, symbolizing the Cosmic Wisdom.

The journey will include; a visit to the Great Palace, the Temple of the Inscriptions where we descend the stairs and enter the tomb of Pakal Votan, and then a visit to the upper part of the site to receive the teachings of the five pyramids: Mother Earth, Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Cross with its message from Atlantis, Temple of the Foliated Cross, and finally the small temple representing the 5th Cardinal Point.

This online exploration of Palenque gives you a unique opportunity to delve deeply into these extraordinary teachings from the Maya. 

Price $195usd (20% discount for MWC members $155usd)