The Maya Priestesses, guided by the spiritual knowledge of Mother Ix’Cheel and Grandmother Ix’Mukane, the sacred feminine forces of Nature, and the Spirit Elementals who existed here in Uxmal called this Maya-Ceremonial Center: “THE CITY OF KINDNESS OF MOTHER-MOON” because of the link with the Sacred Lunar Energies and the Earth. But in fact, UXMAL was a school where the Priestesses received education in all levels of wisdom: Science, Art, Medicine,

Astronomy, Philosophy and Spiritually, making Uxmal: “THE MAYA-COSMIC FEMININE UNIVERSITY”.  

According to the Oral Tradition, Uxmal has a Cosmic-Origin, and some Maya stories say that: “UXMAL ALREADY EXISTED…BUT COULD NOT BE SEEN”. Still today, this is the Great Mystery of the amazing city of Uxmal. We will visit and study its Great Secrets together on this Virtual-Tour.

Cost of each session is $195usd (20% discount for MWC members: $156.00usd.)

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