Yaxchilan is truly a magical place with a peace and tranquility that belies the powerful work that was done here in the past and continues today. The Ancient Priestesses who worked here have left their mark, their energy and important messages for those who follow. It is an inspiring site, giving rise to new expressions of the Sacred Feminine. 

Priestesses from all over the ancient Maya world came to Yaxchilan to learn astro-travel, how to travel throughout the Universe to gather insights that would serve our Planet Earth. They brought the gift to be able to do this with them into that incarnation. And like all natural gifts, there would be a need to nurture it, practice it and perfect it. Within the site of Yaxchilan was the Maya University of Priestess Prophets.

Here they studied with the Master Teachers to become experts at traveling in a deep trance to the stars, throughout the universe, to gather insights and messages for Mother Earth. These messages were studied and analyzed by the highest minds in the Maya world and would then become the Maya Prophecies.

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