December 1 – 9, 2023

The Ancient Maya left a rich legacy of Sacred Wisdom within the magnificent network of prophetic books, archaeological sites, royal art, and one of the most precise calendar systems in human history for us to benefit from today.
Where did it come from?
What can we learn from it?
How can we apply it into our lives to create a better future for us all?

Our journey into the study of the Sacred Origins of the Maya Wisdom begins in the present-day Mexican state of Tabasco at La Venta where we will take a deeper look into one of the first major civilizations in Mesoamerica, the Olmecs. Through the exploration of artifacts, artwork and monuments at this cultural center, we will gain a foundational understanding of the Olmec influence on the development of the Mayan society & culture that will encourage our memories of the ancient times to resurface.
Our focus then shifts onto the Lacandon people, an indigenous Maya-speaking community who inherited the Wisdom of the Olmec. We will navigate the majestic Mayan sites of Palenque, Bonampak, and Yaxchilán accompanied by a direct descendent of the Lacandon and longtime friend of Casa K’in. A powerful series of jungle walks, healing sessions, and ceremonial practices throughout these sacred sites will bridge even greater connections to the Maya teachings of Unconditional Love, Balance & Harmony.

Our journey concludes with a closing ceremony & cleansing in the mystical waterfalls of Misol-Há to further enhance spiritual activation of Maya Sacred Wisdom within the new realities that we seek to create for ourselves today.

Miguel Angel Vergara – TEACHER

Miguel Angel’s Maya teacher once told him “If you want to arise your personal frequency you must go to Palenque”. Through ceremonies, meditations and teachings Miguel Angel will guide you to your own experiences of powerful spiritual energy in these amazing sites.

Trudy Woodcock – TEACHER

Originally from Canada, Trudy has made Mérida, Yucatán her home since 2001. She created Iluminado Tours, and found her teacher Miguel Angel Vergara who then opened the door to the spiritual knowledge of the Maya.  Always interested in the emergence of the Sacred Feminine…

Enrique Chan-Kin – SPECIAL GUEST

We are fortunate to have one of the direct descendants of the Maya Lacandon People accompany us as we visit Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan. His name is Enrique Chan-Kin and is the grandson of Maya Lacandon, Chan-Kin the Elder, who lived in the jungle until his transcendence to the next dimension. 



You will be met at the Villahermosa Airport and transferred to your hotel. You will be staying at the Fiesta Inn Cencali. There are no events or meals planned for arrival day so arrive anytime. 

You will be staying at the Fiesta Inn Cencali.

  • You will be staying the first night of the journey here.
  • On Dec 2 we will meet for breakfast at 7:30 in the hotel restaurant followed by a brief introductory circle by the pool. 
  • We depart for La Venta at 9:00. 
  • You will need to check out since after La Venta we head out to Palenque

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The Olmecs were extraordinary Spiritual Teachers who believed the way to reach Universal Wisdom was through meditation and profound reflection. The word “OLMECA” comes from the root “OLLIN” (movement) and “MEKATL” (rope), and translates as “The rope that connects us with the movement of the Universe.”

Established around 900 BC, the archaeological site of La Venta is located at the western edge of the state of Tabasco. It is believed to have been the largest Olmec settlement with a population of about 18,000, and it was even home to Mexico’s first-ever pyramid. It was eventually abandoned five centuries later.
El Parque Museo La Venta was established in 1958 to display the most significant findings from the original site now in ruins. This unique outdoor museum is adorned with over 100 Olmec original & replica pieces, including an impressive collection of colossal stone heads weighing over 15 tons each, that are made from a volcanic stone known as basalt mostly dating between 700-400 BC. Here, we will study the spiritual significance found within Olmec art & artifacts from all parts of the Olmec World.

Following our visit, we will transfer to our hotel in Palenque.

Hotel Chablis 

We will be staying at Hotel Chablis for the next 3 nights.
Located in the Cañada section of Palenque, there are many excellent restaurants, attractions, and public art installations to explore in the local area.

Breakfast is included. (Time is TBD) Lunch & Dinner are on your own


Our Opening Ceremony will be celebrated in the Lacandon Jungle that surrounds Palenque. We will be welcomed & accompanied by Enrique Chan-K’in, grandson of the Lacandon Maya Elder, “CHAN-K’IN”. Together, he & Don Miguel Angel will lead this Ceremony with the purpose of requesting Blessings for Protection & Guidance from the Maya Guardians of all the sacred sites we will be visiting. During our time within the jungle, we will experience heightened perceptions of the “Otherworld” that still exists, and an expanded consciousness of our connection to Mother Nature.

Following the Ceremony, we will visit the archaeological ruins of Palenque. Its original Mayan name is “NAH-CHAN-KAAN” which means “The House of the Serpent in the Infinite”. Palenque is a portal to another level of frequency where we will receive the gift of awareness of all the magnificent expressions of the Cosmos & Mother Earth. Our visit within the site will include The Temple of the Skull, The Tomb of the Red Queen, The Temple of the Inscriptions, and The Palace of Palenque.

The main purpose of this Ceremony is to ask permission to the Maya Guardians of all the Sacred Sites we are going to visit, to be protected, guided and to receive from Mother Nature the opening of our consciousness to be again in harmony and balance. Inside the Jungle you will perceive the “OTHER-WORLD” that still exists, although you may have forgotten it.


Hotel Chablis 

Breakfast & Dinner are included. (Times are TBD). Lunch is on your own


During our second visit to the Palenque, we will tap into the Ancient Wisdom from Lemuria & Atlantis as we explore the Temple of the Cross Complex located in the south-east corner of the site consisting of three main structures: the Temple of the Cross, the Temple of the Sun, and the Temple of the Foliated Cross. Designed by one of Palenque’s rulers, K’inich Kan Balam, the temples were constructed in the Late Classic period. Each temple was built at a different height to correspond to the three different levels of the Maya Universe: Heaven, Earth & the Underworld, and are the only structures in the Maya realm that play the role of a Maya codex in three parts with both real and mythical history recorded within them.

Following our return to the hotel in the afternoon for some down time, we will then venture out along the Avenue of the Maya Stelae where Don Miguel Angel will explain the principles of Spiritual Self-Realization to become a “Truly-True Human Being” known as “HALACH-UINIK” by the Maya Masters of Light.

Hotel Chablis

Breakfast is included today. Lunch and Dinner are on your own.


Prepare for an early departure as we travel deep into the secluded Lacandon Jungle about 183 km southeast of Palenque along the Rio Lacanja to the Mayan archeological site of Bonampak which means “painted walls”. For many years, the Lacandon Maya have served as the Guardians of this special site. Within three temples there are a series of highly-detailed, colorful drawings painted on the walls & roofs that depict historical Mayan scenes of dynastic ritual & warfare, and are among the best preserved murals in the Maya world.
Following our visit at Bonampak, we will continue onward to our next hotel located in Frontera Corozal along the banks of the Rio Usumacinta, the natural border between Mexico & Guatemala.


Escudo Jaguar  

Breakfast is included. (Time is TBD) Lunch & Dinner are on your own


Known as “The City of the First Prophets”, Yaxchilán truly is a magical place with a Peace & Tranquility that belies the powerful work that was done here in the past and that continues today. The Ancient Priestesses who worked here have left their mark, their precious energy, and important messages for those who follow. This inspiring, sacred site is giving rise to new expressions of the Sacred Feminine.

Priestesses from all over the Maya world came to Yaxchilán to learn how to travel throughout the Universe to gather insights that would serve Mother Earth. This archeological site was the Maya University of Priestess Prophets, and it was here that the natural gifts of astro-traveling were nurtured, practiced, and perfected.

The only way to reach this sacred site is by boat on the Usumacinta River. Surrounded by lush jungle, howler monkeys, and birds of all sorts, there is a gentle and loving energy here that invites you to enter another dimension of time and space.

Among its many temples is the incredibly ornate Temple 33 described as a masterpiece in stone. In it are the remnants of several sculpted figures including a headless human figure who symbolizes Transformation through the “Decapitation of the Ego”. The Maya Masters of Light taught the importance of Inner Change in order to ascend to the frequency of the Higher Self.

Following our visit, we will return to Escudo Jaguar for a late lunch and then continue onward back to Palenque.


Hotel Chablis 

Breakfast is included. (Time is TBD) Lunch & Dinner are on your own


We return to the Lacandon Jungle in Palenque accompanied by Enrique Chan-K’in to perform a Special Healing Ceremony offering us a moment of stillness for profound inner reflection of the relationships with ourselves, one another & Mother Earth, and an opportunity to collectively process all that we have experienced together thus far.
To close our day, we will visit the extraordinary Maya Museum of Palenque which contains an array of regal artifacts, sculptures, and stelae that have been discovered throughout the archeological ruins which embody the essence & beauty of the Royal Art of Palenque.


Hotel Chablis 

Breakfast is included. (Time is TBD) Lunch & Dinner are on your own


Our journey concludes at the amazing Cascadas de Misol-Há, a heavenly destination located in the municipality of Salto de Agua about 20 km from Palenque. Its name means “The Spirit of the Jaguar in the Holy Waters”. The waterfalls consist of one single cascade of 35 m in height that falls into a single, almost circular, pool of blue water amidst tropical vegetation. Behind the cascade there is a cave, a womb of Mother Earth within which we will receive a sacred cleansing in the purifying waters that once cleansed the Ancient Maya of Palenque.

As we close this Sacred Journey, we offer our Gratitude & Love to the Maya Masters of Light, Guardians of the sites, and our personal Spirit Guides who remained with us, and once more request the Blessings of safe travels to our respective homes.

After our Farewell Lunch in Palenque, we will head back to Villahermosa where our journey began. The evening will remain free to prepare for our return flights tomorrow.

Breakfast is included. (Time is TBD) Lunch & Dinner are on your own


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  • All teachings and ceremonies with Miguel Angel Vergara, Trudy Woodcock and Enrique Chankin
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Special Features

  • Special Healing ceremony with Enrique Chan Kin.

  • Messages from High Priestess Lady Zak-Kuuk at Palenque.

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