A Halach Uinik Training

March 16 – March 23, 2020

Tour Description

Yucatan, Mexico is alive with the spirit of the ancient ones and much of the Maya Sacred Knowledge is just now coming to light. At a time when it is so desperately needed, the energy of the Maya and their powerful teachings are becoming more available. One of their great Master Teachers is KuKuulKaan who teaches the secrets of science and spirit.

Miguel Angel Vergara shares the teachings of KuKuulKaan as he guides you through some of the most amazing sites including Uxmal, Chichen Itza and some quiet out-of-the-way sites like Izamal and Mayapan. Through meditation, ceremony and his connection with the Maya Masters of Light he opens the door to the treasures of the Maya teachings.


Miguel Ángel Vergara

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Don Miguel Chavez

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Joining Miguel Angel on this journey is shaman Don Miguel Chavez who will travel with us to Chichen Itza on the Spring Equinox to witness the descent of KuKuulKaan who returns each year at this time. We have arranged a special early entrance to the site so we can be there for the sunrise and prepare for the energy of KuKuulKaan when he appears at sunset.
By working with the ancient teachings of KuKuulKaan and the practices of today’s shamans you can discover the powerful gifts within and how you can share these with the world.


Monday, March 16

Arrival & Transfer to Casa Akbal

Arrive in Merida and transfer to Casa Akbal. No events or meals planned since many arrive late in the evening.

o/n Casa Akbal

Tuesday, March 17

Sacred Cave

The Maya name for caves is AK TUN which means “precious shell of the Mother”. The cave we are going to this morning fits this description perfectly. Miguel Angel will lead you in an opening ceremony to welcome you to the Mayab and ask permission from all the Guardians and Teachers in the land of the Maya to open the doors to the ancient sites you will be visiting and to guide you to the Maya Sacred Knowledge on this Shamanic Path of KuKuulKaan.

We are all children of Mother Earth and she is inviting you to connect deeply with her heart. We invite you to bring to the Ceremony any sacred items to be blessed in honor and reverence.

o/n Casa Akbal / B & L

Wednesday, March 18


The spirit of the Sacred Priestesses is the echo that still you will hear in Uxmal, the “Cosmic Feminine University” of the Maya. It was here that the Priestesses taught their disciples the secrets of Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mother Moon and the knowledge involved in invoking a ritual or ceremony: how to sing the sacred mantras, to dance like a star around the Sun and the Moon, and how to offer the copal incense to connect with Father/Mother, creators of Life.

You have come to Uxmal to feel within your heart the Sacred Energy of Mother Earth, the Maya Goddess Ix’Cheel.

We have a full day to enjoy this beautiful Maya city with explanations from Miguel Angel, lunch at the site and time for you to explore Uxmal on your own.

 o/n Casa Akbal / B & L

Thursday, March 19


Joining us today is local shaman, Don Miguel Chavez who will be working alongside Miguel Angel to prepare us for our Equinox experience at Chichen Itza in a couple of days. Our visit here in Izamal is part of that preparation.

“In ancient times, according with a Maya legend, there existed an amazing country in the Atlantic Ocean call Atlantis – Tulan which one day sank into the water. Before that happened a great Master, Izamna “Dew of the Sky”, was chosen to select advanced ones to travel with him to the Yucatan where he built the first city, Izamal “Where the Sacred Dew Descends”. He created a Magnetic Powerful Spiritual Center where pilgrimages from all parts of the Land of the Maya came to see him and receive the Sacred Knowledge and healings for their bodies, souls and spirits. Itzamna is the Lord who had the Light Wisdom in his right hand to open the path to the Sacred Cosmic Energy.” Miguel Angel Vergara.

Following our visit to one of the temples of Izamal we will have a traditional Yucatecan lunch and then travel to the beautiful city of Valladolid.

o/n Valladolid / B & L

Friday, March 20

Xocen & Cenote

KuKuulKaan’s teachings and spirit are still very much alive as you will see in tomorrow’s Equinox experience. Today we are visiting a very special place to see how today’s Maya keep their culture alive. Xocen is considered the “Navel of the Earth” by the Maya and contains a stone cross with very powerful energy. We have asked a shaman who works here in Xocen to join Miguel Angel and Don Miguel in performing a cleansing ceremony for us before entering the shrine. This is a very different experience and one you are not likely to forget.

Following our visit to Xocen we will return to Valladolid to swim in a beautiful cenote (natural well, sacred to the Maya) and have lunch.

You have a free evening to enjoy Valladolid.

o/n Valladolid / B & L

Saturday, March 21

Chichen Itza & The Equinox

This is a very special day and we will need to start early. We will go directly to the site of Chichen Itza and enter early to do a meditation at sunrise. Following breakfast we walk back to the site where Miguel Angel will guide us through some of the main areas of this powerful site.

“In the Golden Times of the Maya, Chichen Itza was known at the “Cosmic University of the Maya”, a great Sacred Ceremonial Center built by Lord Itzamna from Atlantis – Tulan and other Maya Masters. The purpose was to invoke at Chichen Itza “The White House Where the Holy Sun Rests”, a deep concept that involves the great spirituality developed by the Maya and found in the Pyramid of KuKuulKaan. It was built as a “Cosmic Clock” and dedicated to the sacred origin of the Maya, the Pleiades Constellation or “TZAB KAN (Rattlesnake Constellation).” Miguel Angel Vergara

You will have plenty of time to explore this vast site on your own before we meet up at 4:00PM to witness the descent of KuKuulKaan, the Feathered Serpent, marking the Spring Equinox.

We return to Merida for a relaxing evening after a long rewarding day at Chichen Itza.

o/n Casa Akbal (B & D)

Sunday, March 22


“Mayapan was known as the “Shield of Light of the Maya Teachers” and was the city that hosted the great Lord KuKuulKaan, who taught the Sacred Cosmic Energies of this Planet in relation to the Sun, Moon and the Solar System Planets especially the Planet Venus and how it is connected with the vital energy of Earth and all living beings on it. It is here in Mayapan that KuKuulKaan finished his work then felt the call to return to Venus to become a beautiful star. Legend tells us “KuKuulKaan is still helping us with much love and wisdom” and his presence is strongly felt in Mayapan.” Miguel Angel Vergara

Here we too will finish our work and join in a closing ceremony to celebrate the love and wisdom we have connected with during our journey.

We will have a farewell lunch in Mani before returning to Merida where you will have the evening free to prepare for your journey home tomorrow.

o/n Casa Akbal / B & FWL

Monday, March 23


Transfer to Merida airport.    (B)

In order to have meaningful sharing circles and group discussions we are limiting the number of participants. It is a full week of deep experiences as you enter powerful Maya energy to discover your gifts and contribution to the changing world. There will also be Halach Uinik initiations for those qualifying.

  • All prices are per person in USD.
  • Per person in double accommodation: $2,900.00
  • For a private room add: $420.00
  • Airport/hotel/airport transfers on arrival and departure days
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 1 dinner
  • Ground transportation to all sites and events on the Itinerary
  • Entry fees to sites on the Itinerary
  • Teachings, Ceremonies, Practices and Meditations with Miguel Angel Vergara
  • Ceremonies, cleansings, healings with Don Miguel Chavez
  • Tips for hotel maids and waiters
  • Meals not noted on the Itinerary
  • Beverages
  • Site visits not included on the Itinerary
  • Hotel laundry services
  • Airport transfers on days other than arrival and departure
  • Personal items


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful trip to the land of the Mayas. Professionally done, and wonderful teachings from Freddy and Miguel. A perfect mix between science and spirituality.

Karin Tyden, Sweden

The design of the experience was very sophisticated. We were led through a series of experiences very impactful. The two of us came away changed by this exposure to the ancient wisdom.

Michael Burkart, Amherst, MA