with Miguel Angel Vergara

September 28, 2021
11:00am to 1:00pm Central Time

Mayapan is a very special Maya Ceremonial Center in the Yucatan. It has a lot of similarities in its architecture with Chichen-Itza, especially with the Temples of the Observatory and the Pyramid of KuKuulKaan. The story says that KuKuulKaan, the Great Maya-Teacher, after completing his work at Chichen Itza, lived with the Maya in Mayapan for a long period of time, teaching them about the 4 Pillars of Maya Wisdom: Science, Art, Philosophy and Spirituality. At Mayapan he had a special focus on Astronomy, Mathematics and the Calendars of the Sun and the Moon. Then one day, when his work was done, KuKuulKaan decided to go back to the Stars, back to Venus, leaving the Maya people living in perfect peace and harmony and enjoying the wonders of the land.


Join Miguel Angel for this two- hour virtual tour of Mayapan and go beyond the surface beauty

to connect deeply with the Spirit of this very special  Maya Ceremonial Site.

  • In Mayapan one of the most important Temples is the KuKuulKaan Pyramid, standing 15 meters tall, with a special Astronomical location related to the Summer and Winter Solstices and the appreciation of the” Cosmic Descent of KuKuulKaan” through the Light and Shadow effects on the Northern and Western staircases of the Pyramid.
  • At the side of the KuKuulKaan Pyramid there are special stucco paintings dedicated to the Planet Venus and Solar-Discs with two special Maya Teachers dressed in the color red representing the Sun.
  • The Spiritual significance of Mayapan is: “THE BANNER OF THE MAYAS” because it was here where the three cities of Chichen-Itza, Uxmal and Mayapan were linked as One.
  • The City of Mayapan had another name: ZAK LAK TUN… which means: “THE PLACE WHERE THE WHITE -CLAY WAS MADE” referring to its Spiritual Relationship with God, Father-Mother, Creators of Life.

“Mayapan is a Sacred City with many Spiritual Messages for All of Us. You can still feel in the High Vibration of its temples and Pyramids the Holy Presence of the Spirits of the Earth, the Lord of the Rain CHAAK, and the Prophecy of the Renaissance of the Ancient Indigenous Cultures with the Reuniting of the Eagle and the Condor in the Land of Maya Quetzal Bird.”

Miguel Angel

Schedule: September 28, 11:00am to 1:00pm Central Time.

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