These are previous teachings from Miguel Angel Vergara that are now available on video. Each session is one hour and contains all the content from the original teaching.  

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The Unknown Codex

After the destruction of many of the Maya ancient books in 1652 by Bishop Diego de Landa in Mani, Yucatan it was believed only a handful of authentic documents survived; the Dresden Codex, Paris Codex, Madrid Codex and Grolier Codex. However, in the mid 1900’s an unknown codex appeared and was written about by Domingo Martinez Peredes, a Maya scholar from Motul, Yucatan. In this session Miguel Angel will share images from the Unknown Codex and introduce you to some to the writings from Domingo Martinez.

The Birth of Time

Time is born of the beat of the universe as it moves in concentric circles like a great serpent in the cosmos. In the deepest thoughts of the Maya Teachers we find the sacred symbol that represents time… The serpent KUKUULKAAN… Time, events, what has happened repeats, but in a way that is higher, deeper… The serpent moves and a cycle ends, giving birth to a new one. 

Join Miguel Angel as he shared the Maya concept of Time and how it is the foundation of their amazing calendars. 

Harnessing the Power of Our Emotions

The power of Life comes when you harness your emotions as a new perception in order to live them in awareness. In the Maya Culture EMOTIONS are called “KIMAK-OL” referring to the part of life that is perceived as IMPRESIONS that make us feel the experiences of our Life. One of the KEYS in the Order of Transformation of the Emotions is BALANCE and HARMONY. Join Miguel Angel as he explains this deep process in this online lecture.

VENUS: Herald of the Sun

In the Sacred Maya-Book, the “POPOL-VUH”, there is a special reference to the PLANET VENUS. In their Creation Story they say, “…and before the Sunrise, the Earth was wet and foggy…then there was a moment when the Maya people, praying together at the Top of the Mountain called “HAKAVITIZ”,…watched… a Brilliant-Light shining in an extraordinary-way like a Sun…but IT WAS NOT STILL THE SUN..IT WAS THE HERALD OF THE SUN….THE ONE THAT OPENS THE DOOR TO OUR SUN…THE PLANET VENUS.” 


Miguel Angel shares this beautiful story at a time when we are searching for the Light to open the door to a brilliant new world. 

VENUS: KuKuulKaan and the Morning Star

This story involves one of the most important Spiritual-Teachings about the Great Master-Teacher: QUETZALCOATL-KUKUULKAAN, who taught the Mayas the Sacred Cosmic-Wisdom. He taught for many years the Sacred Knowledge received from the Cosmos and Mother Earth in perfect balance and union. When he decided to return to the Stars he built a boat held by Seven Serpents and went to the sea and set fire to it. From his ashes he became a Beautiful Butterfly that ascended to the Planet Venus as the Morning Star where his spirit still resides, helping all of us spiritually until the end of time. 

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