“5 Days of Deep Meditation plus Ceremony”

July 10 – 16, 2023

The Maya spent the UAYEB, the last month of the HAAB Sun Calendar, preparing for the New Year. This month consisted of only 5 days during which the Maya fasted, meditated and made physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual cleansings. At the same time, Our Planet Earth is preparing to receive the wonderful and powerful energies from the RAY of LIGHT that descends towards the Earth as If it were a “DROP OF HONEY” detached from the Heart of the Sun.

We are already living the Time predicted by the Maya Masters of Light. Learn the key to the Maya Jewels of Inner Transformation in the practices for the 5 days of the UAYEB. Discover your authentic values as a Human-Being through these Deep-Meditations during the month: UAYEB.

 On July 16 at noon, the Maya, receive a great gift of DIVINE-ENERGY from Heaven, which you too can fully receive on this day, activating a super-level of energy in your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Levels, all in perfect Harmony with your High-Self.

Now is the moment for you to become part of this extraordinary Light, that will be strengthening you as a Human-Being. Receive the Sacred-Light from the Sun. Connect with the Great-Cosmic time. 


Miguel Angel is a Maya Priest and Master Teacher who lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico. He studied with Maya Elder Vicente Martín for 17 years and continues to work with the Elders and Priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom very much alive today.

He teaches us how to connect with the Maya Masters of Light…

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The meditation for the 5 days takes its order from the first 5 days of the New Year. Each one contains a message and healing and they should be viewed in order.

Become inspired by these 5 Special-Meditations during the Great Sun-Zenith!


This Workshop begins July 10 with a live online introduction to the UAYEB, the last month of the Maya Calendar. You will have received the 5 recorded
meditations and healing messages for the actual 5 days of this month. View
them on the appropriate day, at whatever time suits your schedule. We close
the Workshop on July 16 with an online Maya New Year Ceremony.

July 10 at 11:00am Mexico Time: 

Miguel Angel gives you a live online introduction to the UAYEB, the final month of the Maya Calendar, and the importance of preparing for the New Calendar Year. 

July 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 at 11:00am Mexico Time:

You will receive video links for the Meditations and Healing Practices for each of the 5 days of the UAYEB to view at the time of day that is best for you. We suggest sunrise, or as early in the day that works for you. Create your sacred space, burn incense, build an altar, respect and honor the message you receive and open up to the possibilities of what the New Year could bring. This program will be as powerful as the effort you put into it. We will send you the 5 links when you sign up for the program and trust you to view them in order, on the proper day, to receive the true benefit of the program. 

July 16 at 11:00am Mexico Time: 

Ceremony for the Maya New Year at 12:00 noon Mexican Time. Join us live, online, to celebrate the New Year. This is when you receive the HONEY DROP OF LIGHT from Father Sun. Create your altar, burn incense, and open up to the powerful energies of the Maya New Year.  We Invite You to Participate!

There will be time for comments and questions regarding the meditations following the Ceremony. 

This is a major Maya Calendar event. Don’t miss it!


  • Online introductory session
  • 5 recorded meditation/healing sessions
  • Ceremony to welcome Maya New Year


  • Regular Price: $175usd
  • With Maya Wisdom Circle discount: $140usd

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