For the Maya the number 7 means organization or order. Putting our world in order begins with putting ourselves in order. It is an important first step to finding balance and living in harmony.

The Maya worked with the 7 energy centers we know as the Chakras and Miguel Angel is offering 7 one hour private sessions to bring you back into balance working with the Maya ancient wisdom.


Price: 7 one-hour private sessions regular PRICE $1,050.00 /  MWC Members $840 (20% off)

  • Included is a video of each session
  • Flexible schedule. One or two sessions a week recommended.


“My name is Kristina Wood and I am writing to recommend the individual chakra work with Miguel Angel…WONDERFUL HEALING! It consists of 7 sessions, one for each chakra, whereby a person is able to work together, one on one with Miguel Angel, to clear out years of clutter from each chakra.
I decided to sign up for this because we are at a time on Earth in this life when we have an
unprecedented opportunity to focus on transfiguring ourselves and our civilization. Of course, it is best if we are clear in our thoughts, prayers and intentions in order to help accomplish this challenge. By clearing out chakras, we have a more likely chance for success. I spent one hour on each chakra together with Miguel Angel who personally and with deep love, sensitivity and expertise, guided me along the way. I was able to really go through my life and become aware of issues that had been creating blocks. This work was supported with recommendations for visualizations, mantras, colors, foods, prayers and more, to support and strengthen the healing that we did together.
Now, I feel lighter and more connected to a spiritual wholeness. I also value the time I had together with the lovely and loving spirit of Miguel Angel. I am feeling more prepared to take steps to help form the new civilization that we all have the opportunity to participate in. Thank you to Miguel Angel and Trudy for their help in this adventure. I highly recommend it and believe that it is definitely worth it, especiallyright now!”

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