with Miguel Angel Vergara

Tour Description

The Maya Priestesses, guided by the spiritual knowledge of Mother Ix’Cheel and Grandmother Ix’Mukane, the sacred feminine forces of Nature, and the Spirit Elementals who existed here in Uxmal called this Maya-Ceremonial Center: “THE CITY OF KINDNESS OF MOTHER-MOON” because of the link with the Sacred Lunar Energies and the Earth. But in fact, UXMAL was a school where the Priestesses received education in all levels of wisdom: Science, Art, Medicine, Astronomy, Philosophy and Spiritually, making Uxmal: “THE MAYA-COSMIC FEMININE UNIVERSITY.

According to the Oral Tradition, Uxmal has a Cosmic-Origin, and some Maya stories say that: “UXMAL ALREADY EXISTED…BUT COULD NOT BE SEEN”. Still today, this is the Great Mystery of the amazing city of Uxmal. We will visit and study its Great Secrets together on this Virtual-Tour.

Uxmal is a beautiful city filled with extraordinary art and sacred symbols related to the Sacred Feminine. Through ceremonies, meditations and teachings Miguel Angel will guide you to your personal experiences of the powerful spiritual energy in the amazing site of Uxmal.


First we honor our Grandmother IXMUKANE, Heart of the Earth. She is seated on a Sacred Throne in the Center of our planet, where she transmutes and transforms the Worldwide Energies. Grandmother IX’MUKANE holds the Sacred Knowledge of the Moon.

She has the gift to command the Jaguars, BALAMS in Mayan, representing the Heart of the Planet and symbolizing the strength and force coming from the Center of the Planet and keeping safe the movements of rotation and translation of our Planet around the Sun.


This is an extraordinary temple dedicated to honoring Mother IX’CHEEL, as Mother-Rainbow, Mother of the Light, and Mother-Earth. Our Mother IXCHEEL is connected with the life and essence of our Planet, nurturing you, loving you, feeding you and protecting you. She is our beautiful Earth, our Planet, expressed in this white pyramid, shining like a diamond in the heart of the Jungle. 

Mother IXCHEEL, lives in every mountain, river, sea, lake, and waterfall, and in the animal-kingdom, in the trees, fruits, flowers, in the green color of the Jade and in the Shining Crystals from the Mineral-Kingdom.


This great temple is dedicated to the Wisdom of Father, Mother and the Son-Kukuulkaan…as well as the Planet VENUS as the Morning-Star. Here we find:

  • The symbol of Father HUNAB-KU, as the “Elder of Elders” the “Kind of Kindness” The Creator of the Universe symbolized by the Elements of Life….
  • The symbol of the Mother of the Moon Calendar with the number NINE, symbol of Nine Full Moons and the 260 Days of the Lunar-Calendar.
  • The Sacred Building dedicated to the Serpent-Kukuulkaan, Kundalinis Energy and the 7 Chakras in Human-Beings.


 “When the Gods created the Morning-Star they made a Man and a Woman”, Maya Oral-Tradition. The Temple of Venus has a profound connection with the Sacred Feminine-Force, linked with Beauty, Love, Music, and Harmony…it is the force that opens the space to expand Love and Life…

The Planet Venus is called “THE HERALD OF THE SUN” the One who announces the arising of the Sun in the morning, the One who opens your Consciousness to the Solar-Light.


This is where the Maya did the work of Inner Precious-Transformation…symbolized by the decapitation of the Player in the Yard of the Ball-Court.  This is an important step to do in order to heal and cleanse our different-levels: Physical, Emotional, Thoughts, Will, Spiritual, with the purpose to rise up to next level of awareness in our life.


This Temple was dedicated to Honor the Maya-Elders, to listen their Wisdom, their Visions, their Knowledge and their Awareness to Guide all of us through the Sacred Pathway in Balance and Harmony. At the same time the Turtle represents the connection with Mother-Earth, teaching us how to Love, Respect and Listen to all the Manifestations of Life that she has in the Mountains, Volcanoes, the Water, Wind, Fire, Ether, the force and movements in the Water…her fertility of Life that She spreads in Every Living-Being on Earth.


This special temple is dedicated to the Balance and Harmony of the 2 Forces of the Universe: the Sacred-Masculine Jaguar and the Sacred-Feminine Jaguar; they are the Guardians of the Inner-Entrance to the temple of the Governors-Palace…Temple of the Sun-Light…

These Jaguar Guardians are looking to the 4 Cardinal-Points in order to open them to receive the Guidance and Protection from the Maya -Teachers of the Light.


This beautiful temple is dedicated to the SUN. Its structure was built with the Astronomical-Orientations of the Equinoxes and Solstices, the 4 Movements of our Planet around the Sun.

The symbol of the Maya-Priest at the center of the Palace represents the Spiritual-Enlightenment that the Sun gives the Initiates who are looking to discover the Secrets of Cosmic-Wisdom…The Sun was captured in this Palace by the Genius and Intelligence of the Maya Astronomers and Architects, leaving us this magnificent Temple as an Expression of the High Solar Knowledge they developed in Uxmal.

  • Uxmal: 6-hour Virtual Tour of Uxmal.
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