Healing With Plants / Mayan Ancient Healing Techniques. By Miguel Angel Vergara

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Many of the Maya ancient healing techniques have been lost or hidden from us. One important exception is the Mayan shamanic practice of healing with plants. This has been carefully handed down from one generation of shamans to the next and today there are still a number of Maya healers who know and practice healing with plants.

Everything in life has its own unique medicine that generates the specific vibration desired or needed.
Because we lost our direct connection to the Creator god, we can connect with the god in all the elementals. The elementals have not lost their connection to the source. A tree knows it is a tree and what its purpose is…to be a tree. Humans are the only ones here who are still a bit confused about their purpose, so still seeking. The material goods and constant distractions of society today get in the way of the awareness of nature and its abundance, and our connection with everything and the creator.

In meditation I saw a beautiful column of Light coming from the source of the Sky and as this Light was descending I saw that in a more and more solid way when it arrived in this 3 rd dimension it became all that we know as Mother Nature; minerals, trees, birds, animals, mountains, rivers, lakes and of course us, humans. This is when I understood that every person, every stone, tree, animal, flower, everything has a spirit and if we ignore this it is because our consciousness is asleep.

The elementals of Mother Nature hold the key to healing. As we do more connection with the Mother,
sending her love and gratitude for all we have in our life, asking permission, doing ceremony, honoring
her in our everyday actions, we are connecting with the spirits elementals and then they awake and
bring us the medicine, bring us their gifts.

Everything in the universe has a spirit, was created by that Light, that great Father who was called by the
Maya the Heart of the Sky connecting with the womb of the Mother who is the Heart of the Earth. The
Mother is the one that receives this energy and transmutes it into beautiful trees, herbs, and all that we need to connect with these natural medicines.
– One way the Maya conceived the plants was like this:
– The leaves are the lungs. They have little pores and they breathe for the plant.
– The flowers are the sexual energy and they bear the fruit.
– The trunk is the blood system transporting what is needed through the sap.
– The roots are the intestines drawing in the nutrients from the earth and transmuting them into what is needed for the health of the plant.
Basically, the Maya recognized plants as living beings and treated them with the respect and honor they


For the Maya the key to healing with plants is to recognize that inside us we have an intermediary elemental. The intermediary elemental knows everything there is to know about the four kingdoms:
– The mineral kingdom- The vegetable kingdom
– The animal kingdom
– The human kingdom
This intermediary elemental lives inside each of us and it knows how to communicate with the four kingdoms. Awakening and working with the intermediary elemental was the key to the Maya ancient healing technique of healing with plants.
I had a teacher who told me he had memories of being a stone in a river. Another person told me she
remembers being an apple tree and now she gives apples to everyone. Others remember being animals. They hold memories of being in other kingdoms. We have memories, mostly hidden, of experiences in those other kingdoms so our intermediary elemental has access to these memories and the experience to know what is the right ritual, the right mantra to do with that tree, that herb, that root, that mineral or that animal.

There is a specific ritual and mantra for every tree, plant, crystal and animal. But you don’t need to learn
them all in order to receive their medicine. When you are in front of a tree you need to meditate, go
inside and connect with your intermediary elemental and say, “I call in the name of my Divine Father
and Divine Mother to my intermediary elemental to go to that tree and perform the correct ritual and
mantra so I can connect with the energy or medicine it has to offer.” It is magic and it opens an amazing
world of medicine for you from Mother Earth. But the key is to use your intermediary elemental.

This can work with dried herbs as well. For example take some dried basil in your hand and then contact
your intermediary element and tell it to go to the dried herb and do the ritual, do the mantra and give you the medicine you need in the name of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. In that moment with profound faith, invoking the forces of Creation, make your tea and drink it. All of this requires practice. The more you do it the more powerful the healings become. Connecting with the spirits with respect and love of all, raises the vibration. This is the point of a life. The Maya used this connection when healing with plants and have passed down the technique through generations to make it available for us today.

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  • Dolores B Chapman (SakNikte) says:

    Thank You Senior Angel for sharing this most important information with us about plants and the elementals. I’ve only remembered past lives; but I have a very strong connection with trees.

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