Working Towards Balance and Harmony

July, 11 to 16, 2021

Maya New Year begins on the Sun’s Zenith, when it is at its highest point in the sky. In the Yucatan that is July 16. The last month of the Maya Calendar consists of 5 days. In ancient times this was a time of cleansing the ceremonial centers, the pyramids, the temples, public areas and private houses. Debts were paid, and people asked for forgiveness so they would be in social harmony as they entered this new cycle. These were days of fasting, meditation and putting things in order. 

This year we are offering a program to help you put your Heart in order. To align your Heart with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of Earth. Opening the Heart to receive the sweetness of life. Empowering your Heart to lead you into this new era. Preparing your Heart to share the knowledge and wisdom with others. Following your Heart to create balance and harmony.

Miguel Angel Vergara

The last month of the Maya year is the month UAYEB and consists of only 5 days. These days are meant for you to prepare for the approaching new cycle, the Maya New Year.  Each day is special with rituals and meditations to cleanse, purify and guide you to envision your purpose and make the adjustments necessary for a healthy, prosperous life. These 5 days are very special.

For one hour on each of the five days we invite you to join online, in community, with Miguel Angel to prepare for the energy of this coming new cycle. Each of the five days is special, with meditations and practices to help cleanse and polish one aspect of the Heart. To open you to the perfection you are. To lead you to your purpose, your path to a new year of balance and harmony. This Maya New Year is an opportunity to step into your power and lead with your heart. 


July 11

The Mayas Meditate, Fast and Pray during these 5 days in order to activate their physical and spiritual energies and to raise their frequencies to another level, TO BE PART OF THE LIGHT…ONLY LIGHT…ETERNAL LIGHT, at the moment of the Astronomical-Zenith. This Light is received in profound Love, Respect and Joy with the Harmonic Melody of Maya Mantras.

July 12: Forgiveness

“ZAS-ZIPIL” is the Maya word for forgiveness. The Maya Teachers highly valued forgiveness and taught it in their greeting: IN LAK’ECH, A LAK EN, I am you…you are me. Forgiveness comes from the High Self of a person to the High Self of another person.  When you Forgive, you forgive yourself… and at the same time you release your Heart, Mind and Spirit from the pain you feel within. Forgiveness is a great gift to heal to ourselves and others.

July 13: Gratitude

“YUM-BOTIK” is the Maya word for Gratitude. They teach that every day we must be grateful to the Creator for all the gifts with have and receive in our Life, Material and Spiritual. We need to acknowledge gifts like; the health of our body, our family, our job, our friends, Mother Nature, nourishment…the Holy Presence of our Spiritual Teachers… and the joy to be alive Today. 

July 14: Compassion

“OTZILIL” is the Maya word for Compassion. They understood it to mean when from inside your Heart you feel Life beating and feel deep down that all Human Beings and Nature are equal. It is like doing a beautiful Circle in Union with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. 

July 15: Love

Love, “YAH” in Maya Language, is to always be expressed to the Universe, Mother Nature, Humankind, and all living Beings as an extension of your Sacred Being from inside your Heart-Soul, with your emotions and feelings and with great compassion for all Creation. Join Miguel Angel for this session of how the Maya viewed Love and its importance in their lives.


We invite you to join us for a heart-felt ceremony welcoming the Maya New Year. Today the Sun is at its Zenith over the KuKuulKaan pyramid at Chichen Itza which is receiving the Honey Drops of Light to be shared throughout the world. We ask you to burn copal, or other incense, and have a small altar or a few sacred items with you to be blessed. This is also the time to search your heart for the change you want in this New Year, what you can do make this cycle one of loving kindness, leading to positive change. It is time to come together, throughout the world, to bring light, love and hope for Humankind, all living beings, and Mother Earth.


The regular price for this program is $200usd. The Maya New Year celebration is very powerful and we want to make it available to as many people as possible so are offering it on a sliding scale: $50, $125, and $200. Please pay what you can.

Your support is important to us and allows us to continue offering the Maya Wisdom Teachings.

(The Maya Wisdom Circle discount does not apply to this program)