5 Aspects of the Mother


The Ancient Maya honored the Sacred Feminine, with the Priestesses doing rituals and ceremonies daily. Their relationship with the Goddesses is key to understanding beauty and strength of the Maya civilization. The Maya Goddesses: IX’CHEEL (Mother Earth), IX’ZUHUY-KAAK (Mother of the Sacred Fire), IX’KAN-LEOX (Mother of the Gods) IX’AZAL-UOH (our Inner Divine Mother), and Grandmother IX’MUKANE (Heart of the Earth) are very much alive and are even today working within you. As you recognize them and learn to follow their guidance they will lead you to more balance and harmony in your life.

As our consciousness expands so does the need to expand our understanding of the Sacred Feminine force. This force is represented by the MOTHER and we are only now becoming aware of her many hidden gifts. The Maya identified 5 Aspects of the Mother that cover her influence from the Heart of the Sky to the Heart of the Earth. As we are about to enter the month of May, the Month of the Mother, it is time to reconnect with our Mother on a higher level of consciousness.

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