Healing With Plants


Many indigenous people know how to heal the body naturally with plants and herbs found in their environment. In the Maya world this is called Yutzil Dzak, good medicine. All plants; trees, bushes, herbs, flowers, fruits, etc. have a healing spirit within them. It is a gift from IX’CHEEL, Mother Nature, and one that is much needed in the world today. To understand and apply this knowledge is the key to natural healing. 

As we face more and more challenges and stress in the world around us it becomes even more important that we remain strong and healthy. Whether it is headaches, stomach problems, depression, fatigue, or a general “not feeling well”, if it is affecting the quality of your life, then it is time to look at your healing options. Healing with plants and herbs is a natural and gentle way to assist your body as it attempts to work its way back into balance. Learn how the Maya shamans and Medicine Men work with the elementals of the plant to assist the healing. 

In this online workshop there will be lectures, meditations, and demonstrations of healing with plants.  Miguel Angel will also give you important practical examples of healing that you can do with plants in your environment. Plants can be a profound path to ways of healing yourself, others, or even your community and beyond.

Regular price 3 one-hour teachings $90.00usd, 20% discount for Maya Wisdom Circle members: $72.00usd

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