Sacred Meaning of The Maya Ceremony


“It is through ceremony that you recover those feelings, emotions, faith that are not written in any book, not spoken by anyone. The moment when you feel again the sound of the shell, the copal blessing you, the symbols of the four cardinal points and the connection with the forces from the Source, from the Creator, is when you change your life.” Miguel Angel Vergara

All ceremonies start out with acknowledgment and thanks to all the elementals in the four Cardinal directions…East, West, North, South plus Center. This practice goes to the heart of the Maya Source of the Creation story….Before the universe was created there was the seed of potential, static with no movement. Then ¨He whose name is whispered in a breath ¨ created the vibration of life found throughout the universe today. The Maya say that everything has this spirit….the mountains, stones, earth, trees, animals, crystals, seeds, mosquitoes, humans…everything naturally existing.

The Maya use ceremonies to bring back memories of the direct connection to the creator.  Reconnecting directly back to the source opens the path to receive the wisdom of the universe.  With Maya Ceremony you expand your consciousness and become one with all that is. This is the ultimate intention of ceremony.

“There is a channel always open to the Father and Mother who love you unconditionally. Ceremony is an opportunity to ask for what you want and to give thanks for what you have received.”  Miguel Angel Vergara.

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