Sacred Meaning of The Maya Calendar


Honoring and working with the energies of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, they freed themselves of the chaos that seems to be so much a part of our lives today. It gave them time to focus on their great achievements in art, science, philosophy, astronomy, architecture, and more. It allowed them to live in peace and harmony. 

You can see from their Calendars how much the Maya knew about the workings of the Universe. By linking the Mayan Sacred Sun and Moon Calendars they bring us closer to balancing the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. 

Using the original sources left to us by the ancient Maya, the teachings and oral traditions from the Maya Elders, and his personal experiences working with the Maya energy, Miguel Angel gives us the foundation needed to understand and work with the Mayan Calendars. He starts with their creation stories, where time began, and leads us through the organization of the 19 glyphs of the Haab and the 20 glyphs of the Tzolkin, the Sacred New Fire, and the Long Account Calendars to give us a deep and rich realization of the powerful tool that is the Mayan Calendar. 

7 one-hour teachings total $195usd (20% discount for MWC members $156usd)