Sacred Path of the Eagle, Jaguar and Serpent


With the Maya New Year beginning on July 16 the Maya Calendar offers us a great chance to review where we are, what is going on around us, what is important to hold onto and what is important to let go. 

For the Maya this was a time of cleansing the ceremonial centers, the pyramids, the temples, public areas and private houses. Debts were paid, and people asked for forgiveness so they would be in social and family harmony. Leading up to the celebration of the New Year were days of purification, fasting and meditation, allowing people to obtain a clear vision of what their future could entail. 

In this workshop we are guided by three Maya Animal Totems to prepare us for what is coming in the New Year: the Eagle, the Jaguar and the Serpent. It offers you the opportunity to set aside the negativity, chaos and uncertainty in your life today and to see what new possibilities are waiting for you in this Maya New Year.