The seeds, filled with potential, have been planted. Now is the time to bring them from the Earth into the light of the Sun. Now is the time to Manifest! 

KuKuulKaan, Maya Master Teacher, will return during the Spring Equinox with 7 powerful gifts for you and all Humankind. He does this every year and now, as you awaken to how powerful a being you truly are, this year promises to be extra special. Extreme chaos worldwide has challenged you to go within and discover your inner strengths, to glimpse the powerful potential you carry within. This year, on March 21, KuKuulKaan will descend the pyramid at Chichen Itza offering 7 keys to unlock this potential within, allowing unlimited possibilities, new solutions, insightful answers to be manifested. 

Join us for this online Spring Equinox workshop and learn to tap into the vast potential within and manifest what you want in your life now. It may be a healing, financial support, or help with relationship issues. The possibilities for solutions are endless and as you manifest the best for you, all Humankind benefits. 

Cost:  $160usd (20% discount for MWC members $128)