Edznah is a majestic site that still holds the energy of the countless ceremonies perform by the ancient Maya Priests and Priestesses. The name, Edznah, in Maya means, “The House of Sacred Vibration” or “The House of Music and Mantras”. 

The main temple, called the Palace, faces the Grand Acropolis and has an impressive staircase where it is easy to imagine the ancient Priestesses rising from the Heart of the Earth to the Heart of the Sky singing and chanting while surrounded in copal incense. Each stair has glyph carvings with stucco details still visible. The top of this temple does take you up above it all, giving you a wide overview of the surrounding area. 

There is also the Temple of the Masks with two masks, one honoring the Sunrise and the other honoring the Sunset. The Sunrise is connected with the Sacred Knowledge, the Light, with healing and ceremony. The Sunset mask is connected with the Heart of the Earth, transforming and transmuting the Sacred Energy and then sharing it throughout the Planet.