Jan 15, 16 & 17, 2021

Today, as Spirit and Science come together we are learning more and more about how powerful we are. As Science becomes aware of the Divine Matrix it is proving scientifically that we are connected to everyone, we are connected to everything, that in fact, we are one. With this comes the realization that our individual powers are no longer limited to traditional physics. They are now telling us what the Ancient Wisdom Teachers already knew, what the Shamans have been practicing for centuries, they are telling us we are incredibly powerful beings.

The Maya said that each one of us has the potential to be a Shaman. The Maya Teachers translates the concept of Shaman (man or woman) with the words “AH MEN” which means: “If you Believe, you can create, if you can Create, you can Manifest.

So, for the Maya, the “Shaman who lives within you” is ready to develop your gifts and powers guided by the extraordinary wisdom of the Maya Teachers.

Over the course of this Shamanic Workshop, through teachings, meditations and practices, Miguel Angel will guide you in developing four important powers you carry within you: CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE, INTUITION AND TELEPATHY.




11:00 am to 12:00 noon Central Time

This session is an overview to introduce you to the Maya Shamanic ways of working with the hidden powers we all have within.


11:00 am to 1:00 pm Central Time

Clairvoyance: Miguel Angel will start the teachings with the Opening of the 3rd Eye: “It is a gift to open your third eye to see and perceive other dimensions or realities. The Maya Spiritual Teachers will guide you to “see” the real essence of everything in the Creation and to reach a level of consciousness to protect, love and care for Life and the life of all living beings.” Clairaudience: After a short break he will continue with the gift of Clairaudience. “The Maya Teachers developed the gift of Clairaudience, the ability to hear the inner sounds from Mother Earth and to receive messages through the “voice” of the elements: Earth (earthquakes), Water (running waters of rivers), Wind (whispered messages) Fire (volcanoes) and Solar Flares from the Sun to the Earth.”


11:00 am to 1:00 pm Central Time

Intuition: accessing the wisdom of the Heart.
The heart is the source of Intuition. The Maya Teachers taught that Intuition is the “voice” of the Spirit within you. In your Heart is the voice of our Cosmic Father and the voice of our Cosmic Mother giving you guidance to be “aware” of the different situations you will live in your everyday life. To be Intuitive is to already know the “truth” that is involved in our practical and spiritual life.”
After a short break he will continue with:

Telepathy: Telepathy is the gift to transmit and receive messages from our High Self to another person. It is the great possibility to transmit or receive messages through the activation of our Pineal Gland in our head and the Solar Plexus Center connecting as a wireless network that comes from Cosmic Realities to this third dimension.”


2021 Schedule:

  • • Friday, Jan 15
  • • Saturday, Jan 16
  • • Sunday, Jan 17


Regular price $200usd (20% discount for Maya Wisdom Circle members: $160usd)