with Miguel Angel Vergara

(available on video)

Through lectures, meditations, demonstrations, practices and teachings Miguel Angel will share some of the amazing knowledge of the ancient Maya healers, showing you how to apply it in your life today.  Each workshop consists of a series of teachings to help bring the healing wisdom of the Maya to your everyday life.


Love, Compassion, Intuition, Kindness, Faith, Gratitude, Humbleness. The Maya identified seven aspects of the heart that when open, with energy flowing through smoothly…

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There are many Cosmic Laws that regulate not only what is happening in the universe but at the same time influencing what is happening in our bodies…Learn more and buy this session
Today, as Spirit and Science come together we are learning more and more about how powerful we are…

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Many indigenous people know how to heal the body naturally with plants and herbs found in their environment…

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