May 11, 11:00am Mexico City Time

The ancient Maya understood that Mother Earth was a living being and so, was honored, respected and given thanks every day in their thoughts and actions. With her renewal of Spirit in the Spring, we are dedicating the whole month of May to recognizing her many gifts and giving thanks. We invite you to join us for a free webinar to learn more about the Mother and celebrate the many gifts she offers us.


May 18 - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE “Gifts from the Mother"

May 18, 11:00am Mexico City Time

 Our Divine Mother always offers you a noble, kind, faithful and genuine Love from Her Heart to yours. The Mother will provide you with the opening of your heart to Love Humankind, Animals, Trees and All Living-beings unconditionally.

The Mother is inviting you to reactivate your Love and Light and lite yourself like a torch in the world. 

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


May 23 - HEALING “Gifts from the Mother”

May 23, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

It is the time of the Calling from Father-Mother to heal yourself, to pay attention to your experiences, memories, emotions, and transmute them Physically, Energetically, Emotionally, and Mentally using the vibrant link with your Imagination and Will. And, with the help of the

Divine Forces to make your Inner and Outer Healing a real fact in your Life and your Sacred-Path now.

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


May 25 - ABUNDANCE “Gifts from the Mother”

May 25, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

You were created on Earth to enjoy and be abundant in the area of your Personal-Prosperity, to mentality believe that every day Father-Mother gives you all that exists in nature and it is for you to accept and receive these precious gifts with care and consciousness.

 The benefit of these gifts will depend on the way you use them because there are many natural and material resources that must be taken care of… 

If we deserve these gifts, we must take care of them and share them with all Humankind and all Living beings that need them…

Open Your Heart and Mind and You Will Be Prosperous!

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


May 30 - CEREMONY HONORING THE MOTHER “Gifts from the Mother”

May 30, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

The purpose of the Ceremony will be to Love, Honor and Respect Our Mother… 

Mother Earth is a Living-Being that feels. Together we will express Our Love to Her, doing the Sacred Salutations to the Cardinal- Points, making the Sacred Mantras and bringing the Offerings to Her using properly the Maya-Teachings of the Maya Teachers of Light in

the Mayaland.  We can wear our beautiful clear costumes and create our personal altar at home, with all the Elements and personal items to enrich this special Maya Ceremony dedicated to the Mother.

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


JUNE 8 - THE EAGLE “Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice"


“Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice”

June 8, 11:00am Mexico City Time

OUR SPIRIT: The Eagle represents the descent of the Heart of the Sky to the Heart of the Earth. 

This marvelous Symbol represents the Holy-Spirit Within Us…

The Eagle manifests the Shift to the Broad-Vision, unlimited by Time or Space…

The Eagle is the Essence of Light, Symbol of Our Inner-Father that is Strength and Truth…

Join us for first of 3 Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Summer Solstice.

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


JUNE 13- THE JAGUAR “Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice"


“Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice”

June 13, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

OUR SOUL: This practice activates your Heart with the Strength of the Jaguar.

The Jaguar, “BALAM” in the Maya language, represents the Mystery of the Cosmos,

 the Void of the Creation in the Sky and the “Heart of the Mountains”.

The Jaguar is the Sacred-Energy of the Inner-Warrior within Your Heart.

The Jaguar leads you to do your Inner-Transformation in the Hands of Grandmother Ix’Mukane, “Heart of the Earth”…The Jaguar is the symbol of the Great Encounter with Your High-Self.

Join us for the 2nd Shamanic Practice in Preparation for the Summer Solstice.

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


JUNE 15- THE SERPENT “Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice"


“Shamanic Practices in Preparation for the Solstice”

June 15, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

OUR BODY: The Serpent reminds us to listen to the extraordinary wisdom of the cosmic/earth nature. A great symbol of Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom, the Serpent represents your Sacred Inner-Energy of the Light “KUNDALINI” that is there to help you to activate Your 7 Chacras so you can reconnect with the great power that exists between your Mind and your Heart.

We will do powerful Maya spiritual practices in order to be ready to receive the extraordinary

energy that will come from the Heart of the Sun!

Join us for the 3rd Shamanic Practice in Preparation for the Summer Solstice.

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


SEPTEMBER 20 - FALL EQUINOX SPECIAL "Cosmic Descent of Kukuulkaan"


Cosmic Descent of Kukuulkaan

Sep 20, 11:00am Mexico City Time 

Kukuulkaan, the great Maya Master of the Cosmic Wisdom, descends the Chichen-Itza pyramid this fall, bringing with him the gift of water. When released into the hands Mother Ix’Cheel, water becomes the divine element in life, fertility, abundance, hope and especially in the
renovation and purification healing energies for our inner emotions.
Kukuulkaan is the wind, the cloud, the water and the corn that becomes sacred.
Join us as we enter the new Fall energy!
Free for members of the Maya Wisdom Circle. You will receive the zoom link on Tuesday. No need to register.Non members special price $25usd. You do need to register.


OCTOBER 5 - LEMURIA “Activating Ancient Memories”


“Activating Ancient Memories”

Oct 5, 11:00am Mexico City Time


The Lemurians built some of the first Ceremonial Centers to teach people about the Sacredness of the Cosmos, Nature and Life. People did great Pilgrimages going from Center to Center receiving teachings the Sacred Knowledge from the Lemurian Masters.  This allowed them to be aware of the Wonders of this World and to interact with the Inner-Realms in order to get their Self-Spiritual Realization.

Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


OCTOBER 12 - ATLANTIS “Activating Ancient Memories”


“Activating Ancient Memories”

Oct. 12, 11:00am Mexico City Time

ITZAMNA, the Atleantan-Maya Teacher, lived on the Great Island-Continent of Atlantis. He was chosen to select the “CHOSEN-ONES” who were to guide them to the Land of Yucatan where they were to rebuild the Sacred Pyramids and Temples, where they could honor the



ITZAMNA, taught them to respect the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth and love and honor all living beings as your own-reflections proposed in the phrase “IN-LAK-ECH” AND “A-LAK-EN”…


Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


OCTOBER 19 - THE OLMEC “Activating Ancient Memories”


“Activating Ancient Memories”

Oct. 19, 11:00am Mexico City Time


The Olmec were powerful great teachers and were called in the Sacred Maya Book “THEY WERE NOT MEN THEY WERE GIANTS”.  They knew how to mold the stone to make the bricks for their Temples and Pyramids, and also in the same way to make the “GREAT OLMEC HEADS”, symbol of the great power of the mind.  Our group can take inspiration and follow the Sacred Route of the Star-Olmec Teachers to receive the Self Spiritual Awareness.


Cost: $40usd (20% discount for MWC members $32usd)


How it works?

  • Each session is one hour containing a lecture and a meditation.
  • They are stand-alone teachings and do not need to be taken in any particular order.
  • Videos of past session are also available.
  • The cost per session is $40 USD with a 20% discount for Maya Wisdom Circle members ($32 USD). 
  • If you register and miss a live session a video of it will be sent.

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