The Maya Calendars, with the symbols of the Sun and Moon, symbols of the Cosmic Movement, symbols of Mother Nature, symbols that speak of the awakening of higher consciousness in every one of us is alive and available to us today. Each of these teachings and workshops gives you a key to the power of the energies to be found in the Maya Calendars.


Wise Men with a View of the Future: A Maya Calendar Workshop

This is the perfect time to have a look the ways you can work with the energy of the months and days found in the amazing Maya Calendars. It is time open up to the mysteries preserved by the Maya “wise men of time with a vision of the future” who truly understood the relationship between the cosmos and the human being.

This 4-hour workshop is meant to give you an approach to the knowledge of the Maya Calendar that you can use in your life. It will allow you to know how to use it in both a spiritual and practical ways. The Maya Months and Days contain in themselves very powerful frequencies of Light that will arise your consciousness to another level of high vibration within.

Cost $120usd (20% discount for MWC members: 96) 



The Birth of Time

Time is born of the beat of the universe as it moves in concentric circles like a great serpent in the cosmos. In the deepest thoughts of the Maya Teachers we find the sacred symbol that represents time… The serpent KUKUULKAAN… Time, events, what has happened repeats, but in a way that is higher, deeper… The serpent moves and a cycle ends, giving birth to a new one.

Join Miguel Angel as he shared the Maya concept of Time and how it is the foundation of their amazing calendars.

Cost $30usd (20% discount for MWC members $24)


Maya Gifts from the Spring Equinox

The seeds, filled with potential, have been planted. Now is the time to bring them from the Earth into the light of the Sun. Now is the time to Manifest! 

KuKuulKaan, Maya Master Teacher, will return during the Spring Equinox with 7 powerful gifts for you and all Humankind. He does this every year and now, as you awaken to how powerful a being you truly are, this year promises to be extra special. Extreme chaos worldwide has challenged you to go within and discover your inner strengths, to glimpse the powerful potential you carry within. This year, on March 21, KuKuulKaan will descend the pyramid at Chichen Itza offering 7 keys to unlock this potential within, allowing unlimited possibilities, new solutions, insightful answers to be manifested.

Join us for this online Spring Equinox workshop and learn to tap into the vast potential within and manifest what you want in your life now. It may be a healing, financial support, or help with relationship issues. The possibilities for solutions are endless and as you manifest the best for you, all Humankind benefits.

Cost:  $160usd (20% discount for MWC members $128)


Sacred Meaning of Maya Calendars

Honoring and working with the energies of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, they freed themselves of the chaos that seems to be so much a part of our lives today. It gave them time to focus on their great achievements in art, science, philosophy, astronomy, architecture, and more. It allowed them to live in peace and harmony. 

You can see from their Calendars how much the Maya knew about the workings of the Universe. By linking the Mayan Sacred Sun and Moon Calendars they bring us closer to balancing the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. 

Using the original sources left to us by the ancient Maya, the teachings and oral traditions from the Maya Elders, and his personal experiences working with the Maya energy, Miguel Angel gives us the foundation needed to understand and work with the Mayan Calendars. He starts with their creation stories, where time began, and leads us through the organization of the 19 glyphs of the Haab and the 20 glyphs of the Tzolkin, the Sacred New Fire, and the Long Account Calendars to give us a deep and rich realization of the powerful tool that is the Mayan Calendar. 

7 one-hour teachings total $195usd (20% discount for MWC members $156usd)


The Light that Heals You

The Maya recognized the Summer Solstice as the time to connect with the Light for a special healing.  The Maya Teachers said you are a” Shining – Luminous Being” sharing the frequency of the Sun around the World to heal your body, focusing in the areas of your Head, Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus.

In this Special Summer-Solstice teaching, we will guide you to receive the maximum frequencies of the Solar-Energy in both your Spiritual and Physical Bodies. The Maya Sacred Mantras will help raise your Spiritual frequencies, so that your atoms, cells and organs reach the vibration to receive the highest frequency of the Light Solar-Energy.

As you change the level of your actual vibration to a higher one, you will perceive the Inner Dimensions where the Maya Teachers of Light reside.

The Sacred Energy of the SUN-KIN, is waiting for you to participate in this Summer Solstice Special Meditation.


Cost: $30usd (20% discount for MWC members)

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